ADHD & Autism Resources

~ Autism Screeners (recommended CAT-Q and RAADS-R)

~ Article: Going Beyond the Catch-22 of Autism Diagnosis and Research. The Moral Implications of (Not) Asking “What Is Autism?” - Jo Bervoets and Kristien Hens

~ Blog post: Monotropism: The Most Accurate Autism Theory You’ve Probably Never Heard Of - James Ward-Sinclair

~ Blog post: Me and Monotropism - A Unified Theory of Autism - Fergus Murray

~ Blog post: Revisiting Monotropism - Patrick Dwyer

~ Article: Attention, Monotropism and the Diagnostic Criteria for Autism - Dinah Murray, Mike Lesser, & Wendy Lawson

~ Book: Unmasking Autism: The Power of Embracing Our Hidden Neurodiversity - Devon Price

~ Article: Autism As a Disorder of High Intelligence

~ Article: Autistic Peer-To-Peer Information Transfer is Highly Effective (Evidence for the Double Empathy Problem)

~ Article: The Female Autism Phenotype and Camouflaging: a Narrative Review

~ Article: Exclusion of females in autism research: Empirical evidence for a “leaky” recruitment-to-research pipeline

~ Essay: Autism as a Social Construct - Frank L Ludwig

~ Channel: How to ADHD

~ Book: ADHD 2.0 Hallowell and Ratey

~ Article: How Evolutionary Thinking Can Help us to Understand ADHD - Swanepoel et al.

~ Article: What do general practitioners know about ADHD? Attitudes and knowledge among first-contact gatekeepers: systematic narrative review

~ Article: Genomic analysis of the natural history of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder using Neanderthal and ancient Homo sapiens samples - Esteller-Cucala et al.

~ Article: Diamond Model of Executive Functions

~ Article: Wrong Brains at the Wrong Time? Understanding ADHD Through the Diachronic Constitution of Minds

~ ADHD Treatment and Management Guidelines UK

~ ADHD Treatment and Management Guidelines Australia

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